Pink Dress Touch For Formal Occasions

Pink dress can be so cute and fresh for your formal events. Have you ever come to any formal occasion? May be you had been in your uncle wedding party? Come to your school prom night? Or join your business meeting? Remember one and what kind of dress you wear? It is probably far from pink dress. You did so because you are not a clever girl to choose best pink for the dress.

Wedding in Pink Dress

Wedding ceremony is one of the most precious occasions for any girl in the world. You totally want to look super awesome in this formal time don’t you? Imagine that every wedding party and ceremony you have ever known. All you see is maybe white. Let us make a try with new one. Someone out there has her red dress for the wedding, why not pink? You can combine it with a simple elegant ribbon and flowers. Pink dress with them will make you seems like a humble woman with pride.


Celebrities in Pink Dress

This year let make pink remarkable for you. If you want to make perfect combination for you pink color and dress, don’t be lazy to see and copy some celebrities’ styles. Some time ago in London there is an event to celebrate breast cancer day. Obama’s wife, Michele Obama is captured wearing a pink blazer to cover her dress. Taylor Swift is also a good example if you want something more girlie but simple. At last, you can see how Barbie dresses, she loves pink and she is a very famous celebrity isn’t she? You can also read Wool Trade Cloth in Several Inspirations.

Here the time to take a note. Don’t make up your day with pink when it is a burial ceremony. Pink is also absolutely does not match with anything brown. One more, in a Halloween party, it’s better to forget your pink dress.