Day: January 19, 2021

Fashionistas are increasingly using the objects of men’s wardrobe to create stylish images. This is a popular boyfriend jeans and a shirt oversized, who did not leave the lists of top-end trend has been for several seasons. No less demand for now enjoy the ties and butterflies, which can add a stylish “highlight” in any way. In many fashion collections was introduced to this male enhancement combined with feminine dresses. The collection of pre-a-porter fashion house Cavalli, Ferretti, and Dsquared2. In New York, the trend of the first Alberta Ferretti presented her collection in Philosophy. Following the ideas of the Italian fashion designer, many took up this trend: Dsquared2 and Roberto Cavalli.

Hollywood beauty also love this trend. They combine them with jeans, skirts and even evening gowns. Particularly impressive look with shirts and trousers, for example, the image of Vicky Beckham, Emma Watson, Shakira, Olivia Palermo. Anne Hathaway combines a tie with jeans and a shirt.

This accessory has gained popularity, thanks to such stars as Lady Gaga, Fergie and Nicole Kidman, who wore a tie to their concerts.

Women’s fashion tie is presented in a variety of color combinations – from black to green. It may be narrow or very broad. Also in the new season will feature ties in military style, and fashion designers showed a node as a variant of a tie. Fashion house Cavalli offer ties in the Baroque style.

Bow ties this season is not far behind. They are presented in the most varied color scheme. Butterflies in the neck look very feminine and smart, despite the fact that it is the subject of a man’s wardrobe. Female version of male butterflies created from different fabrics and bright colors rigorous, decorated with stones and crystals. Especially the actual models of satin, velvet, silk and brocade.

You can tie a tie in different ways. For example, it can be tied under the neck or lower a little bit. Fashionable ties will look very stylish if they tie a knot male as “Windsor”, “Poluvindzor” or “double knot”, adding to them