Methanol Fuel Cell Diagram

Methanol Fuel Cell Diagram

(1) Methanol and water enter.
(2) Methanol reacts with anode catalyst, releasing electrons and protons.
(3) Electrons flow through the circuit producing energy.
(4) Protons move through fuel cell membrane.
(5) Air flows in. Oxygen combines with protons and electrons on cathode catalyst to form water.
(6) Catalyst contains QSI-Nano® metals, reducing the need for expensive platinum by 30-50%, while increasing power.

Tidal Power from 620 to 2008

Beginning in 2002 and through several rotor changes Verdant Power TurbinesVerdant Power Turbines Verdant Power has now retrofitted two of its tidal turbines with 5th-Generation rotors and successfully re-installed the units in the East River. The two grid-connected 35kWe turbines are now delivering clean renewable energy from the tides of the

2008 Honda Clarity Illustration

2008 Honda Clarity Illustration

1. Hydrogen tank
2. Fuel cell
3. Lithum-ion battery
4. Power Drive Unit
5. Electric drive motor

Honda Hydrogen FCX Clarity

I noticed a few items about the following Honda machine press release article.

  • The GGE Acronym [miles per gallon gasoline gallon equivalent energy]
  • 2008 HHT

    2008 HHT

    Ira Lyons, Director and President of Hydrogen Hybrid Technologies (HHT) is pictured with the latest Hydrogen Fuel Injection Systems (HFI), the cutting edge technology that HHT will bring to the OEM market.

    The Hydrogen Revolution, Hydrogen From Water On School Buses

    “Yes, my friends, I believe that water will one day be employed as fuel, that hydrogen and oxygen which constitute it, used singly or together, will furnish an inexhaustible source of heat and light…”
    1875 Jules Verne in The Mysterious Island

    The Bionic C Leg

    Definition of: bionic
    A machine that is patterned after principles found in humans or nature; for example, robots.
    Artificial devices implanted into humans replacing or extending normal human functions.

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